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The Same Gospel

October 1, 2020 (Bible Devotional)

The book of Acts chronicles the story of the children of Israel. They went forth to declare the message of God to the nations surrounding the nation of Israel. In a few decades, this number grows from a few believers in an upper room to many millions of believers. The message was not an easy one. Many considered the gospel foolishness at this time. Yet, amid persecution and trial, the Church of Christ grew by the power that accompanied the early believers’ faithful efforts.

Since the beginning of the Christian message, the coming of God’s kingdom was the hope of believers. The same Jesus who walked among men promises that he will come back again to establish a kingdom founded on better principles. This message went everywhere with signs and wonders following. And as many heard the story of the risen and crucified Lord, they took their stand under the banner of Christ. People came from different walks of life. They renounce their former hopes for the loving Savior from Gallilee.

The Gospel message is everlasting. We should not update the message that is preached on the last day. Jesus, the risen Lord, must stay the theme of our message. And as we lift him up, we must call everyone to turn from wickedness to righteousness. Jesus came into the world to take away sin. And our messages should not tolerate the practice of sin. We must present the sinlessness of sin and invites sinners to the Savior, who can rescue them.

The Gospel message always teaches us that a better way is possible. We do not have to become a slave to sin. In Jesus, we find hope and grace. The Gospel message highlights to us that Christ has a better kingdom for us. And the purpose of the Gospel is to prepare us to become citizens of that kingdom. The second coming of Christ and the hope for a new world must always remain at the center of every message we preach. The name of Jesus and its coming kingdom can attract sinners. The Gospel does not need an upgrade.

Do you believe that Jesus will come to establish a new kingdom?

The Prayer — Heavenly Father, we desire a baptism. We believe in your soon-coming kingdom. Keep us faithful. In Jesus’s name. Amen.

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