Prioritizing your Priorities

Right now we are at the point in the semester when everyone is registering for classes. Some are doing so based off of the time that the classes are, some are doing so based on the day of the week…


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The BlockAxs Advisory Board

In order to expand our team with know-how in certain areas, we work closely together with some great advisors. In order to explain our motives, we introduce these great personalities to you!

Lars is a serious marketing professional, with more than 20+ years Online Marketing experience, an MBA from the Brandenburg University of Applied Science and has a long experience in blockchain space. He has the perfect combination to lift us to a new level in marketing. He founded his first internet company in 1996 and was Zanox employee #13. He has supported more than 100 projects — from startups and SMEs to large corporations like Gerolsteiner, and Axel Springer SE.

Lars’ mission is to improve our marketing, adapt it and plan strategic moves. He is also doing this with his marketing agency UFOstart AG, where he successfully supports several blockchain projects.

It’s a pleasure to work with a person with such a passion for marketing, a wealth of knowledge and vast amounts of hands-on experience in almost every role!

Research is one of the most important fields in the implementation of new technologies. Jan, our research advisor, is a perfect choice for scientific and technical research, especially in the field of blockchain technology. He is an experienced PhD Research Assistant from the University of Osnabrueck where he graduated with a Master degree in Information Systems. For him, research, technology, and digitization are not an end in themselves but have to be applied in a practice- and problem-oriented way. In addition to advising STOs and ICOs, he also brings his expertise to the German Bundestag — always with straightforward goal orientation.

Due to the challenges of new technologies like the blockchain, a theoretical, as well as a practical consideration, has to be put on the fields, whereby we have with Jan a researcher, who offers us a huge added value on this level.

We are happy to have such an ambitious and knowledgeable person in our advisor team!

In order to develop our product in the best possible way, Tomislav joined our advisor team. He was head of development department at Schütze AG in Berlin, author of “the architectural concept eRechnung for the federal implementation in Germany” for the Federal Ministry of Finance and the Federal Ministry of the Interior, for Building and Community, and then became advisor to the project management of “Central invoice processing of the federal government” in Germany. With his concentrated knowledge in the IT architecture, he brings along exactly the abilities to optimize our product and to let his knowledge flow in.

It is an honor to develop our product with him as a person on the same wavelength, with his know-how and his relations to the public sector!


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