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Participate in Seinami Testnet confirmed Airdrop!

Sei will be launched on Cosmos ecosystem. Next bull run there are huge chances that cosmos will become a hotspot of users. #NFA

Let’s talk about the airdrop.

After completion of 3 rounds of Testnet now this is the last round of testnet in order to perform stress tests.

Also Sei has confirmed Airdrop “1% of Sei’s total token supply has been allocated to testnet rewards”.

These are all the tasks you can currently perform in Testnet-4 and earn points which will be later used for airdrop calculation


Also you will have to submit a google form after completion of every task. Sadly they can’t track it otherwise.

Link to form:

Hunters ready for the airdrop? Let’s start the tasks.

You will need a wallet which supports Cosmos. We use and recommend Kelpr wallet.

Install the wallet from here:

Also you will need to claim test tokens from discord so if you haven’t joined their discord join it from the link below.

Place limit order on Vortex

Click the link connect your Kelpr wallet

You will be asked to add a network add it.

Now change network to Sei Testnet

You will need to claim some test tokens.

Replace your address with your Sei address

Next Command

Replace your address with your Sei address

Currently there is a time limit of 10 minutes per command so all the best.

Let’s start collecting points.

Open Vortex

Change Network to SEI Testnet.

Now deposit some UST2

Start placing limit order

Copy the values

Place order

Open the link and copy the transaction hash

Do 5 such orders and submit hashes seperated by commas

Now take a screenshot of your wallet

Now head over to

Upload the image

Copy the link and paste it in Proof of completion Screenshot section

Also it would be great if you could fill our address in this section

Now submit the form.

Place limit order on Vortex

Repeat all the above steps

Just place market orders and submit the above form again.

For the people who complete more than 10 transactions after Nov 8 can mint a testnet NFT. The NFT dashboard is same as Aptos testnet NFT dashboard. Maybe…

After doing 10 transactions click the above link and mint your NFT.

The rest of the tasks are for developers or for referring other people.

You can perform all the above mentioned tasks each day and get 10 points per day.

Make sure to submit the form to get the airdrop tokens.

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