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My mother was a very secretive, mysterious and enigmatic person. She was someone who would never leave trail of what she has been doing. She gave me the name ‘Dierdre’, which means a broken heart, for reasons I wonder. My father on the other hand was someone I was very curious about because I neither heard his voice nor saw his face, my entire life. When I was almost 14, my mother died a mysterious death. At the funeral arranged by my close relatives, I cautiously pulled the Pall and saw my Mother’s body lying cold and dead, due to the ‘so-called mysterious death’, with stab wounds all over her lower abdomen. I bawled my eyes out. My aunt, whose name was Fresca, had noticed me grieving and came up to me and said “That definitely must have frightened you. You will never be able to meet your mother again. But, don’t worry she has descended to a place far better than this cruel world. And from this minute onwards you are under my care, I will treat you well.”

Aunt Fresca, my mother’s sister, couldn’t hide her incredible genes, she was as pretty as one could be. She was also an independent and a levelheaded woman who I respected a lot. But there was this one time when my aunt lost her cool. When I was 16 years old, I did not know why but I wanted to become a lawyer. I didn’t have a reason to become one but I wanted to be one. When I told this to my aunt she was absolutely terrified! It took a lot of convincing to make her finally accept my decision.

After years of tremendous hard work I put into my Bar exams, I had finally become a criminal lawyer at the age of 28! I was probably the most exultant person then.

When I got my first case and defendant, I was so thrilled! I felt like I could achieve anything! The defendant’s name was Dolion. He looked like he was in his early 40s. He had a scar on his right elbow and a fresh wound on his left hand which looked like a wound caused by a glass shard. Apparently, he stabbed his sister, named Cathe, in the lower abdomen using a kitchen knife to defend himself from her. According to what he said, the two siblings, him being the older one, had a violent verbal fight until his sister threw the first punch and stabbed him in the hand with the knife he had later stabbed her with. He felt remorseful for stabbing his sister but didn’t want to go to jail as he felt he was the victim. I wanted to ask him the reason he fought with his sister in the first place but couldn’t as it would be traumatic on the person, so I kept my mouth shut. I was a little wary and suspicious of him but my job comes first. I needed evidence to prove that it was self-defense. Evidence that would prove him not guilty.

The next day, I visited the place where the incident took place. The place was heavily guarded by the police. I showed my Id to them and went in. The place was very messy and there was a whole heap of blood on the floor. The glasses of the windows were completely broken like as if someone deliberately did it to vent their anger. I asked the neighbors next door if they heard anything. Here is where everything starts getting odd. The neighbors said that the place was as quiet as it could be. I was creeped out. Mr. Dolion did say that they were violently arguing. So it would make no sense, if they didn’t shout and the neighbors didn’t hear it.

I, then, visited the body which had gone through the post-mortem examination. When I saw the body, I was taken aback. The body had similar stab wounds as my mothers’. I was completely rendered speechless. The little suspicion I had about him because of his lie on how he got the wound and how the neighbors didn’t hear a single thing made me feel on edge.

I called Aunt Fresca and updated her about my situation and then ran off to the place Mr. Dolion was staying at, with my recorder on. I knocked on his door. When he opened the door, rather than feeling scared, I felt exhilarated and thrilled to finally catch the person who murdered my mother gruesomely, 14 years ago. “Hello! What brings you here?” he said with an innocent face that churned my stomach. “You are one peculiar person. So tell me. Tell me the real reason you murdered your sister for.” “Ohh, you noticed already? That was quiet quick. Honestly, I didn’t expect you to ever find out. Tell me how you found out” he said so calmly with that innocent face of his. I guess he wasn’t very alarmed because of my age and gender. “Remember the women you killed 14 years ago?” “Hmm, 14 years ago? Then it must be in 1996. I killed quite a lot of people back then. Tell me her name.” ‘Her’? That must mean that all his victims were women. “Her name was Susan.” “Susan? Ah yes, my very first victim. What’s your relation with her?” “I am your very first victims Daughter.” I said in a tone of anger. “Oh my, I remember seeing you at the funeral.” “Don’t beat around the bush and tell me the reason you murdered my mother!” “Hmm, back in the days, when you were probably around 5, your mother and I were fellow doctors, surgeons to be accurate. She was pretty admirable. She became a surgeon to help people while I became one because of my obsession with piercing bodies. I mean, imagine getting to stab a body and not going to prison because you did it legally. Not even one patient of mine has died because of your mother. We would perform surgeries together. One day, she discovered my obsession and threatened me to leave my job as I would eventually stab someone enough to cause their death and she wouldn’t be there to save that person. I was so alarmed that I killed her. While killing your mother, she stabbed me on my left elbow which has left a permanent scar. After killing Susan, I travelled along with Cathe, around the world to execute my obsession on atleast 5 people in a year. But a week ago, Cathe started acting weird. She said she would report me if I continue what I am doing. So, I killed her while she was asleep and then broke the windows to vent my anger. By the way, the room was sound-proof.”

Honestly, I couldn’t believe my ears. I cursed god so bad for giving me a psychopath as my first client. Even psychopaths would feel insulted if I compare him with them. I also felt so dumb for not knowing that it was a sound-proof room. I kept my bag down, grabbed his collar and head-butted him. Then I punched him hard enough to break his pre-molars, but sadly, all his teeth were duplicate. “Hey! Being a lawyer, isn’t it a crime to assault someone like this? And why are you so strong?!” “Mr. Dolion. I have anger issues. That’s the reason my aunt was terrified when I said I wanted to become a lawyer. I have controlled it a lot till now, but I won’t anymore. And I can always use the reason ‘self-defense’ for my gender and age, the same factors you underestimated me for!” I said with a smile on my face, moments before I knocked him unconscious. I, then, edited the recording and showed it as evidence to imprison him for life.

I went back home and met Aunt Fresca. “That was quite the uproar. You beat him senseless” she said laughing. “Aunt Fresca, my first ever client ended up being a total nutcase. He was basically asking me for a beating. But nonetheless I shouldn’t have lost my cool like that.” “It’s okay, that happens.” she said calmly. “This is a little cliché, but I have a letter whose sender is your mother.” She gave me the letter. After reading it I started laughing and crying at the same time. She wrote ‘Hello, dear Dierdre, I know you must be very curious about your name. Your name means a broken heart. It may not seem so attractive but the most jubilant moment of life is after overcoming the dark and sad times. I am pretty sure that you will grow up to be a lawyer and have a fiery temper just like your father. And even if you are not a lawyer, remember this, we will always be there for you and support your decision no matter what.’ Evidently, she wrote the letter a few hours before confronting Mr. Dolion. I just hoped that my next client won’t be a psychopath. But still, my heart felt at peace after finally knowing the meaning of my name, Dierdre.

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