Here comes the Bloom! Nats set to debut City Connect uniforms in Game 3 vs. Mets

The Washington Nationals fell to the New York Mets, 7–3, on Friday night…Josh Bell hit his first home run of the season, a two run shot off of Max Scherzer in the fourth inning…It was Bell’s third…


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What I have to say to you

What I have to say to you is too big and powerful to be conveyed to you in words or addressed to you personally or by name.

It can only be felt, in thuder and lightening, sun and stars, wild waves and ravishing whirlwinds, Rainbows, cosmic rays, violet vortices, vibrations and voices in the sky, whirling dervishes by the millions, dancing from on high, Avatars Agape, with Love and Joy, singing songs of Zion. Righteousness on Earth, the Vengeance of the Blessed Meek, Salvation songs, fruition of the Holy Tree, the Lotus and the Butterfuly, and the Mystic Sea.

A song of Love to You, my dear. Call you woman, call you girl. We both know that you are more than that. We saw it in our eyes, and felt it in our souls. I can’t touch you with my hand, or hold you in my arms, but Hierogamos comes, my Love, our Sacred Wedding’s nigh! I’ll sail with you to Heaven, in a Chariot of Fire, but first we’ll help the others, get a little higher. I’d like to stay, I’d like to linger, on the threshhold of your kiss. I’d give you anything my Dear, but most of all my Bliss. But I’m only passing through my Dear, and must not tarry on the Way. to you the rapturous raiment, to me the Hunchback’s fame. We’ve got some things we have to do, and it isn’t just a game.

If I see you down the Road, my Heartbeat would be higher, but if we never meet again, you will always still inspire, the Grace that strips the mortal flesh and guides my Spirit higher.

All this Joyous Madness!

All this Insane Gladness!

All these Sufi Dances!

There’s a Method to the Madness!

34 — Thunder Over Heaven

Ta Chuang — The Power of the Great

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