Hekaterian Witchcraft

The witchcraft practiced by the hekaterians is similar to the old traditions of witchcraft. This includes necromancy, conjuring, cursing, hexing, binding, charming. These are just a few examples of…


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Cryptocurrency has emerged popularly throughout the world. It uses blockchain network to provide the virtual currency services. Debitum Network is also a network system that employs with the investors and gives the beneficial service that helps the investors to keep track on their investments, Debitum Network has made their life easy that people do not need to move anywhere, by using the network he can invest anywhere. It has made solutions for the global credit gap. They have planned facilitation of alternative financing forms through a distributed cross-border platform for business and individuals.

The provisional cost for trust in lenders and borrowers are so high. Businesses have to struggle for reasonable and accessible financing. So it has some lacking effective international marketplaces and assurance for security registries.

Community and trust based decentralized ecosystem connect the borrowers, investors and service providers with an efficiency that Debitum Network permits to be self-sustainable in the long run. In this case, Debitum Network will be used while fiat will be the transfer of loan principal and interest payments.

The network providers will move forward over maximally wide frontline that will work in every place for a specific period of time to give assurance self-sustainability. Even a biased use of incumbent practices enables Debitum Network society to let’s introduce making money in a perfect way without any strong dependence on the lagging broader adoption of crypto.

Debitum Network has made of distributed business-to-business ecosystem foundation. It is mainly Etherum based application that is the core technology offerings. The network system features all the forthcoming APIs that permits middleware developers to link with other networks easily.

Among many places where actors can make money on the ecosystem, the leaders of the communities know to earn form the growing and looking after the community whereas investors can earn their interest upon the loans have been provided. SMEs can gain loan accesses but for that, they have to expand. This way Debitum Network ensures trust arbitrage smart contract and makes it able to participate throughout the ecosystem.

Debitum Network is taking part in the competition with pseudo peer-to-peer systems that centralizes the management with traditional vertically integrated institutions, for example, banks and credit unions. This is also common id some blockchain based solutions. Another important advantage of adopting Debitum Network is the low cost of entry barriers. The major disadvantage is its unusual nature of the framework. This type of framework may put some limit on the interest disbursement of businesses at the beginning of the process.

Debitum Network looks for small to medium-sized business to develop the countries by solving all the problems credit gap particularly in lack access to credit due to flaws of the current financial system. The network system has made a lot of problems towards this and it is moving forward to make the world a better place with all the developed attributes.

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