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In favor of a war

A war is upon us. But perhaps it is not.

It is very difficult to predict things from such a great distance. I am sitting in my room and typing on a laptop while men of action act. I am like many of you. You, who are reading this little piece of article I have drafted so that I can gain some influence. And I am trying to read 1984 by George Orwell. From a mature pair of eyes and it is difficult. Not to notice how much I have changed, and how much my response to internet has changed. Think about it. Social Media has the power to stop wars! Let those paid media and trolls do their work, inflict their shit in social media, but social media does have that power.

Try to see positive things. (I did not say ‘try to see things positively. We gain nothing by deluding ourselves that everything is all right.’) Do not “over-judge”. Try to understand that we are too selfish to destroy others. We many not be as humans as humanism makes us feel, but even if we are animals, we understand that a fire in a jungle kills everyone. Now, I see nothing but love everywhere… on social Media. YES. Only twenty percent of what is social media ‘is’ love. But isn’t that sufficient? To stop a war?

I am in favor of a war in social media. Against trolls who hide behind their anonymity and against the people from sellout media who do not understand that they are reaping nothing but a mental conflict, a continuous senseless mindset which can never find peace. I am in favor of a war against those forces which delude us into believing that our voice doesn’t matter. And it is a continuous war. Because power corrupts. This will and should never stop. And also remember, historically speaking: we are living in one of the most peaceful eras of this earth since history began.

So we need to focus on present and thwart the present war; because they will never stop coming. That is what happens in the universe and that is what has been happening. I end it by quoting 1984: “If you can FEEL that staying human is worth while, even when it can’t have any result whatever, you’ve beaten them.”

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