Exploring sorting and its parameters in Python

Being able to sort data is a very important skill for developers to know. We will be going over the sort() and sorted() methods for Python as well as the parameters like key = lambda different ways…


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A Beautiful Mind

Ever experienced the game your mind plays with you. When it stops obeying your commands, overtakes your consciousness through your subconscious. You might be the most enlightened soul or the most aware of all but your subconscious feeds this conscious mind and is always there.

A recent encounter with such an event made me think about the fact of overthinking. Let me ask you a simple question — have you ever tried to detach yourself from something? If Yes, you must have experienced a strange phenomenon that the more you try the more you get attached to it. Here comes the idea of overthinking without you even knowing about it. Yes, the subconscious says to your conscious mind what not to do and the optimist conscious reads only the “DO” part of it. You start feeling the coldness of everything just beneath your feet. It comes, stays there for some time and goes away.

Before giving the control of yourself to this subconscious — ask yourself a simple question — What is the idea of this human existence for you? To experience this life or to waste it by not understanding your true potential. By not realising that special reason you were brought into this world of opportunities, love and compassion.

When was the last time you thanked someone and said sorry from the soul? When was the last time you sat down on the sides of that street to listen to the mesmerising sound of that first drop that fell from the sky above you. When was the last time you decided to take that lone walk with yourself, just to ask the inner self about what’s going on in there? When was the last time you opened your heart in front of that friend — just because you wanted someone to listen to what you feel rather then how you feel. When was the last time you cried in front of that close one of yours — mentioning about all your failures and insecurities in this life. When was the last time you made a true friend?

Talk to the people who matter the most in your lives — tell them how important they are, indulge more into the long and meaningful conversations rather than the small talks. Believe in companionship rather than relationships — you are here to search, help, learn, evolve and give whatever you have. Smile when you meet strangers, pass that radiant glare of yours when you get to know them and say “YES” when they seek help. Focus on the spiritual “I” rather than the Physical “ME”. Never let your brain play the fools game with your inner consciousness.

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