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An open plea to Mitt Romney

Dear Senator Romney:

As an Independent and former Republican, I pray that you will lead a defense of our collective American values against this mentally ill, obviously corrupt President. He has driven the country into the ground. He has furthered a divide not seen since Vietnam and the Civil War. He is a disgrace to your party and he will destroy it, once the obvious truths of the depths of his illegal activities come to light. You all continue to only work with 35% of the electorate with your support for this dishonest administration and outdated, bigoted and corrupt platform. You force us all to the left and it will cost the country and your party.

I am among many former Republicans that still yearn for fiscal conservatism, but are compelled to vote with the left due to your party’s choice to stand behind such an unfit President, deny climate change and stand against equality for all Americans. This shutdown is obviously the fault of the President and his lies, but arguably is more the fault of the Republican Party for nominating such a terribly flawed candidate. The longer the senate refuses to get the government going, the more clear it will be that the senate must be controlled by the Democrats, since they actually stand for American values and against known enemies, such as Russia. The President clearly, knowingly or unknowingly, is compromised by Putin and is now acting on his behalf. The Mueller report should be the saving grace of an innocent man and yet this President does everything he can to slander it and stop it. That clear as day fact should terrify every Republican. Now the word is out that he wants to leave NATO! We are losing the Cold War to Putin and your party is entirely to blame. How can this be the party of Reagan?

If the senate continues to fail us, you will continue to threaten hope and freedom here and abroad. Please reign in this President by re-opening the government without the useless wall and with effective security measures and improved asylum interventions, enforcing the emoluments clause of the constitution to end the corruption, and finally protecting Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russia’s influence on the 2016 election. If you want to win any elections, you should also de-politicize the environment and stand with science. The bottom line is your party’s best move is to back away from this administration, before the worst truths come to light, and they always do. All of your legacies are at stake and history will have the last say on what happens now. And if you fail to do your duty by delaying further, most will be replaced in 2020 and we will have complete Democratic leadership in two years. I may be a former Republican, but I know some of you can muster the courage to do what must be done and protect the honor of our shared country.

Andrew Logan
Woodside, CA

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