Un soneto de altamar

Por el ondulado suelo marino y al socorro del insigne timonel navegan alegres barcos de papel, leyendas de un ensueño cervantino. Como un carrusel de naipes singular peinando las cimas de esa marea…


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The Betrayal of Love

In the land of love and dreams we met,
Where roses bloomed and sunsets set,
Your eyes a sparkling shade of blue,
I fell for you, what could I do?

We danced in the moonlight, hand in hand,
And gazed at stars, a wondrous band,
Our hearts were one, beating as one,
A love story that had just begun.

But fate can be a cruel mistress,
She played her game, caused much distress,
An accident that tore us apart,
Left you wounded, broke my heart.

Days turned to weeks, weeks turned to months,
I waited for you, never once gave up,
In the hospital, by your side,
Holding your hand, I never lied.

You fought hard, with all your might,
To heal your wounds and make it right,
And when you finally came back to me,
I thought our love was meant to be.

But I was blind, I couldn’t see,
The pain and hurt that you hid from me,
For in my absence, another came,
And you gave him what was ours to claim.

My heart was shattered, my dreams destroyed,
A love that I thought was pure, now void,
But I still remember that fateful day,
When love and dreams led me astray.

So now I roam this land alone,
A heart that’s made of stone,
But I still believe in love’s sweet grace,
And hope to find it in another place.

The moral of the story is that sometimes the people we love may hurt us deeply, but it’s important to learn to forgive and move on. Holding onto anger and resentment will only bring more pain and suffering. Life is unpredictable, and it’s important to cherish every moment with the ones we love because we never know what the future holds. Ultimately, it’s up to us to choose how we react to the situations life throws at us and to find the strength to keep moving forward.

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