It Takes Courage Some Days To Rise From My Bed

It takes courage some days to rise from my bed when my head feels like a soiled pillow with half the stuffing gone. Courage to resist the easy escape of sleep. To float with benign indifference in a…


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Power Hitting Or Technique? Which Way The Eventual Fate Of Cricket Going?

Since the new format of T20 cricket gained International status in 2004, many batsmen are coming up with varieties of new cricketing shots such as the reverse sweep, the Dil-scoop, sweeping a quick bowler, or Dhoni’s famous helicopter shot. These compelling shots are certainly spectacular, but it is not the touchstone. Trudging in cricket is much the same as a painkiller in medicine. It gives an entertaining

At that point, there are Players like Chris Gayle, Maxwell, Finch, Warner who can genuinely kill somebody with the ball as they hit it with enormous force and power. Such big hitting players can easily dominate any bowling attack with their Brut strength.

The retirements of Many class players such as Kumar Sangakkara, Mahela Jayawardene, Michael Clarke, Mohammad Yousuf is a devastating blow for the global cricket. These players were maybe an old-fashioned type of cricketer but offered a sheer class and style in their batting. Perhaps we have been the last one to see such quality and style in a session of cricket.

The T20 format is definitely causing an uproar in the cricketing world. The fast-paced environment in T20 produces more hard hitters than ever. The batting friendly pitches, short boundaries, Free hits decreases the ability of a batsman. As we can see in Test cricket, many teams are struggling in foreign conditions. The wicket in test cricket produces a different challenge to each player. It is entirely different from T20 pitches where the ball does nothing, and batsmen can play as free as possible. Different T20 leagues also helped in this cause as they are giving youth cricketers to play this fascinating brand of cricket and achieve star status.

Test cricket is a pillar of quality. The downward growth of test Cricket is already seen by many. Lack of intensity, viewership, less number of crowd affects the fundamentals of cricket. Moreover, the quality of the cricket is undoubtedly going down. Well, though the recent excitement in some test series was definitely a booster for the cricket. However, still much work to do. Without proper technique and skill, a cricketer can’t survive in the hostile condition. What you all think about this, will be the future of cricket is going towards power hitting or skill and class still defines a role in cricket.

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