Using Machine Learning to Recommend Investments in P2P Lending

Peer-to-peer lending marketplaces like LendingClub and Prosper Marketplace are driven by what is essentially a brokers fee for connecting investors and borrowers. They are incentivized to increase…


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Morning snow and silent book club bring such peace

The glowing light that is our silent book club is comprised of so many wonderful things. It’s a quiet celebration of neighbours and neighbourhood. It’s a lively and enthusiastic gathering to share books and perspectives. It’s an oasis of calm to concentrate, meditate, savour and reflect. As each meeting draws near, I find myself getting excited about what I’ll take along, who I’ll see there, what they’ll share, what I’ll get to share.

More of what our silent book club members are reading …

Here are the books the members our silent book club meeting read and/or discussed today:

Everyone provides a little intro to themselves and what they’re currently reading.

(… and yes, that’s cafe/bookshop greeter Milo’s fuzzy butt in the background …)

Another month and a bit … and I already see the light glowing at the end of the tunnel!

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