The Gate of Death

The stench of urine and faeces assailed through the young girl’s subconscious, stirring her from vile nightmares that no adult of sane mind could comprehend. A part of her wanted to open her eyes but…


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Prioritizing your Priorities

Right now we are at the point in the semester when everyone is registering for classes. Some are doing so based off of the time that the classes are, some are doing so based on the day of the week the class is offered, some are doing so based off of how good the professors are, some are doing so based off of what their friends are taking, and some are doing so to fulfill major and general education requirements. Regardless of which motive it is, the point is that everyone has a motive.

When picking my classes, I was thinking about what I prioritize. I feel as if there is a huge benefit to having a good professor. It makes the class more enjoyable, makes the class easier, and allows me to learn at a more efficient level. I constructed by class cart so that when my cart submits, I will hopefully get into the classes with the professors that I desire. However, my cart is due at 6 PM tonight, and there is still one more thing to do.

I still have to put the classes in a processing order that the computer will go through when my time comes. The classes that I put at the top of my list will get highest priority and will be more likely to go through without being put on a waitlist. Because I am a freshman, I am one of the last people to register and therefore need to be pretty smart about where I place each class. The logical part of me says to go just off of professors to help me to succeed. However, there is a class that a bunch of my friends are taking at the same time, and I think I will be able to get in no matter what, but I am tempted to put it near the top so I don’t miss out. However, this would bump a class that is harder to get into farther down on my list and possibly reject me from getting the teachers that I want.

I need to figure out which priority I am going to prioritize. That is not only in school scheduling but also in life. People often say that learning to prioritize is important, but it seems no one wants to recognize that there are a ton of priorities in our lives. There is not just one thing that is important. There are many. School, teachers, friends, church, family, etc. All require and need attention, and some would argue that each is most important. Looking from an external perspective to work to figure out what I prioritize most will help me to be able to make decisions faster, be more confident, and ultimately decide which class to put at the top of my waiting list.

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