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Bathroom Thoughts

Yesterday I arrived home from visiting my nieces and nephew for my Tuesday routine visit. I drew a bath, filled with essential oils (lavender, peppermint and lemon), while orchids floated graciously in the water. The candles were lit, Sade was playing in the background and my favorite wine was poured. A $5 bottle of Riesling from Italy, that tastes pretty darn good for the price. I laughed at my frugal nature, but remembered my journey to financial freedom, no matter the cost. Its moments like these I can sit back and say, I love this single shit. But the truth is, as equally as I love it, I desire him-my he is!

Photo from Madamenoire

I know the day will come; it very well may be right before my eyes. But before I jump into deep waters, I’m grateful for this time I have for self. It’s important as women, whether in relationship or not, to shower ourselves with love and a good ass time.

What consists of a good ass time?

You can define your time, but be sure to take it. The “strong woman” syndrome is overrated and pretty lame. I’m actually writing this as I’ve been intentional about disconnecting. Not from the media of social-my accounts are closed; but from the ideology that I must be for everyone and leave myself to the wages of the world.

What is it that I want? Where are the places I desire to go on the journey?

As we’ve recently discovered, I want him. But I also desire to be a better version of myself before we hit it off. Grant it, that will be a flawed being, but one I hope is evolving always.

Looking toward the future with today in mind. #dailyisthejourney

~ Z

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