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3 reasons to participate in Robotina ICO

I believe that like me, you must already be tired of so much similar ICOs that we have in the cryptocurrency market. And nothing is fairer than talking about projects that really manage to think outside the box.

Robotina’s goal is to establish a connected community that will enable its participants to save a great deal on energy costs, produce substantial revenues as well as engaging in an eco-friendly and sustainable solution by making the way we consume energy more efficiently.

So come on, what are the 3 things that lead me to believe that this project can be a differential compared to the others of the same follow-up:

1) 28 years’ experience

In the world of cryptocurrency is stunning when you find a project that is managed by a company with experience of over 5 years, Robotina has a baggage of 28 years of experience in the middle of the action. Now imagine making money while consuming electrical energy? This is one of the proposals with the technology of Robotina.

“Business tradition and start-up mentality = new technologies and innovative products!”

2) The difference of this project for others of the same follow-up

This project differs from others in that it is the source of electricity that is the source of the progeny, a project that is really cleverly thought out.

3) Technological Freedom

The deregulation of the electrical supply industry and the related legal framework enables the separation of roles of electric industry stakeholders, removes monopolies and opens the marketplace. But Home energy management system (HW), doesn’t interfere the law. And what the beauty of Robotina IoT platform is that users no need to buy the Hardware for themeself if they don’t want to. They can use just services like ESCO — Energy Service Company where their ROX will fund the Energy Efficient projects around the world. The 78% of benefits will pass to those who fund the hardware and that means that ROX earnings from ESCO converted to FIAT pay your electricity bill.

Europe together with most of the industrialized world, have come very far in deregulation of the electrical utility grids and energy markets, with others countries following at a fast pace, “smart grid” became the most important component of our energy policy, which is essential for reliable and cost-effective supply.

Token Distribution Information

A public Initial Coin Offering (ICO) will take place in order to collect subscriptions from supporters and to award them with ROX tokens.

Token Generation Event — All tokens sold will be generated after the ICO (1st May 2018). Later issuances will be disabled in the smart contract forever.

When issued, ROX tokens will be temporarily locked until the end of the ICO phase. After the successful ICO phase, ROX tokens will be distributed to registered Ethereum Addresses, according to the following Token Distribution Plan:

There are a total 815,000,000 ROX tokens being created, with 570,500,000 available during the pre-ICO and main ICO.

Any tokens from the 815,000,000 which are not sold during the ICO will not be created. Visit the Robotina website for more information, the KYC process, and contribution addresses.

Key Goals, Objectives, and Roadmap

Author: esdrase (NawileBR)

Telegram username: esdrase

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