Microsoft Brings Another Modern Feature to the Windows 10 Taskbar

We live at a time when working from home has become the only way to go for so many of us, and as a result, applications that allow us to stay in touch with colleagues and family are more and more…


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12 Hair Colors for Women Over 50

You can go for any color that is from silver to red, brunette to blonde, choices are endless. It’s not important to choose only the trendy color. It’s only the fact that the picking up color should match with your looks.

If you are confused about darker and lighter colors, then always opt for lighter. As our age increases, hair color lightens naturally. So colors like platinum, blonde and honey is the best to blend into your natural gray hair better.

This color is one of the exceptional for women’s hair above 50. Bronde highlights provides you with shine and luster to gray hairs, given tone-on-tone coloration. This is also a soft color. You can try this caramel balayage for refreshing your dull and lifestyle tresses.

This auburn and burgundy color is very sophisticated, classy and fun that suits the best for an elderly lady. Red tones and deep violet explode all types of skin tones and gives a new look to your dull looking hair. To give your hair a spicy look, try this auburn color with a short, pixie haircut.

You can try your hair color at any age no matter whether you are 50 or more. This lovely honey blonde perfectly match with the short waves. Additionally it makes your thick and short length mane brighter. Always apply hair oil to improve its glossiness.

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Depending on the quality and style of hair like neck-length cut and waves, the flattering chocolate brown hair color works well. This also gives your hair extra volume.

To make the result classy and luscious on women above 50, apply hair oil for more stylish look.

First look how much your hair becomes gray and natural hair shade you have. So after taking into account, choose the red color since it can give your natural brown hair some brightness that looks great with blue or green eyes.

Give your hairstyle an look of flawless blow out and swooping layers which suits with any ages. The strawberry blonde and white create breathtaking combo that oozes warmth and gives your hair a sun-kissed glow.

A punk vibe makes your looks sassy and also recognizes your fun-loving personality and shows your active status. For a bold color choice, gives your hair an uneven tapered pixie cut.

You can get perfect hair cut with your looks by trial or error. But the choice of hair color is not so easy. It should match with your complexions. So never underestimate the power of hair color. Today there are lots of stunning choices for women above 50, that can embrace your gray hair for one of many modern metallic blonde shades.

Pastel pink is a great option when you want to make your look bolder or try to subtle your color for fun. Pink also goes well with cool undertone skin. It is something different from being loud.

To give your hair a modern look, you can use two-toned shades with a dip-dye technique. Color your hair with dark brown shade at the roots and give the ends a deep, jewel-toned teal to get a youthful looks.

Bright orange gives your hair a boldest look and are ideal for creative candidates. This shade doesn’t suits all the people, but women having warm undertones to their skin can pull it off. The bizarre color shows off your creative sides.

This shade can enliven any hair color. You can add in warm brown chunky highlights and keep the rest your natural color or opt to mix one new darker color with one new lighter color. The streaky look created by chunky highlights looks similar to natural hair and won’t make it look like you’re trying too hard to look younger.

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