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Trading cryptos as soon as they enter an exchange to get huge returns

A common fact of cryptocurrencies when they enter an exchange is that they’ll either dump (Post-ICO sale) or they’ll gain a lot of price action (Typical when an ICO sells out fast, and people still want in). Regardless of what happens, there are opportunities traders are finding in these lightning quick trades that are banking them a lot of crypto profits.

Take Wowbit (WWB) as an example, that hit the Bit-Z exchange only yesterday.

The ICO was valued at 0.00011000 per coin (About $0.80c USD). As soon as it entered Bit-Z there was fear in the market, people that were in the ICO weren’t sure what to sell it at (Yes, really) and some people got the coin as low as 0.00004000 ($0.30c).

Take the below example, where there was 100% profit made in just 30 minutes:

Another one that you might be familiar with in recent days is the listing on Binance, Bytecoin (BCN). It went up over 500% (5x!) after it hit Binance, and tumbling down shortly after. There are obvious risks with this method, but there are also rewards if you time it correctly and setup appropriate stop losses.

The arrow below shows right when BCN entered Binance:

These opportunities are happening almost everyday, with 30%+ returns happening nearly all the time, depending on when you make this trade.

There are a few ways that traders would get involved with these investments, we’re unable to offer financial or trading advice however by finding the right time to enter the market, you can greatly capitlize on these new coin additions. It is very possible to purchase coins below ICO price, as can be seen with the WWB example shown above. One thing that you will need to enter these trades and profit from them is speed, you will need to know about the coin entering the market as soon as possible.

There are multiple ways to do this, one is by research. Below is a typical research route that would be taken to look out for maximum profits:

1. Research which coins are about to enter an exchange post-ICO.

2. Find out how quickly the ICO sold out by searching on Google and also possibly on the official website of the coin.

3. Check when it will be listed on an exchange and at what time.

With the WWB scenario, the coin was advertised by both WWB and Bit-Z as being added to their exchange. If you visited the Bit-Z website you will also notice that they had a time that trading starts, which was 2018–05–15 15:00 UTC/GMT+8.

This would give you enough time to get on the page and be one of the first users on the trading platform being able to place orders. From here you can set a price well below the ICO price and if you’re lucky enough someone might just sell to you. Regardless, the initial run is the most dangerous and stop losses should always be put in place.

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