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Democratizing tech ethics?

In conversations involving government, academia, and industry, and civil society, there is much talk surrounding the democratization of the latest technological developments, including artificial intelligence (AI). Yet, if we are to create a balanced society moving forward, it is critical that we devote as much attention to the humanities as we do to scientific disciplines.

That said, in conversations regarding the democratization of AI, for instance, would it not be necessary to discuss the democratization of AI ethics concurrently as well? As technological advancements such as AI become more accessible and embedded in the everyday lives of the general public, the human ramifications of having such technologies (i.e., how is the tech positively/negatively impacting our daily lives, and how comfortable are we with these impacts?) should be questions accessible for the general public.

Tech ethics as a concept can feel unapproachable to the layperson as it may look and sound like it requires a certain expertise. However, at the core of the term (and now rapidly growing field) is a fundamental concern for the well-being of humanity in an increasingly technological world that is faced with multiplying societal challenges stemming from such a paradigm shift. This concern may be something we can relate to more easily.

Relevant questions range from:


How can questions like these become a part of everyday conversation, no different from questions like “Hey, did you see the Super Bowl Halftime show last night?”? Further, how can experts in the tech ethics field help make the topics more accessible?

Maybe we can start by initiating simple conversations that address the themes underlying these questions.

Saram in the World seeks to facilitate this process. The platform engages in and invites conversations with those in the MZ Generation about their different understandings of how tech impacts their own lives, and how these different understandings are informed by their different personal backgrounds (e.g., cultural, occupational).

Through such efforts, we hope that we can help create an inclusive, democratic space for tech ethics that all can partake in.

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