Hoe was ik genezen van hepatitis B?

Ik werd getroffen door een ziekte die uit het niets kwam, en binnen de kortste keren werd ik overspoeld door pijn en wanhoop en verloor ik alle hoop op leven. Niettemin begon ik dankzij Gods…


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What are your hobbies?

The 888 Formula is the holy grail of work/life balance. It teaches people how to go from busy to balanced, overwhelmed to overjoyed, from servant to others to serving themselves.

The dictionary describes a hobby as “an activity done regularly in one’s leisure time for pleasure…”

Wanting to find out more I asked an online group I’m a member of for their thoughts on the following questions and their replies were really inspiring, sparked some great conversations, and got me thinking about what I am going to try next.

— Do you have a hobby?

— What is it/are they?

— Is there something you’re planning to start?

“I’m learning to draw. Something I have always told myself I am terrible at. I love anything to do with food, art, and creativity in its many forms, food for the soul.

I used to ride my horse several times a week for the 17.5 years that she was in my care. I bake as a hobby and make Chocolate truffles.

Music producing/writing.

Animal Healing.

I want to get my Grade 1 piano next year.

I keep rare tropical fish.

I’ve recently started to learn how to do Stand up Comedy.

Daily walks in the hills, biking on backroads, daily visualisations of the life I want to create! Meditation…

I have an entire business model designed around my “hobby” of cycling as I spend many hours in the saddle each week.

Mountain hiking, skiing, reading, enjoying beautiful views. Recently I’ve started running but wouldn’t call that a hobby just yet.

Live Action Roleplay (LARP) is a hobby I’ve had for nearly 25 years now.

I run a dog rescue charity…

Reading, PC tinkering and woodwork.

I read, Netflix and cycle. I also am a martial arts fan as my daughters and husband all train.

I have been practicing yoga on a daily basis for the last 10 years, it’s more than a hobby in many ways it’s a way of life.

I swim and sing. Obviously not at the same time.”

Hobbies like people are varied.

Some can become your business, while others are just for fun, some included others and some were solo activities.

The research has inspired an experiment — the 888 Hobby Challenge

Each month we are going to try a new hobby and document the journey to inspire others to make time for LIFE (aka living which is one of the 8’s in the 888 Formula)

Come and join us and let us know what your hobbies are and recommendations for what we should try next month and details of how you can join in too!

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