Structured Ideation and Refinement

When doing this I tried to pick functional requirements that I felt like helped the process of what my idea was and finding fun design embodiments that fit each requirements. Each of the functional…


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Jupyter Notebooks Getting Started

Anaconda Distribution

This is a quick tutorial on how to install Anaconda, how to open the Python terminal from Anaconda Navigator, and how to execute commands in the terminal. This tutorial also provides instruction on opening a Jupyter Notebook from the Anaconda Navigator.

Below are the instructions for Windows and Mac users.

After the installer file is downloaded you can start the installation process.

Follow the installation prompts. Installing Windows VSCode is not necessary.

Using the search bar located on the lower left corner of the screen, find the Anaconda Navigator application. This is the go-to application for using all of the capabilities of Python Anaconda distribution.

There are a couple of different ways to install packages in Python. You can use the Terminal or an Anaconda Prompt. The steps below show how to install a package using the Anaconda Navigator terminal.

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