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Object Detection in 4K Dashcam Videos

4K dashcam videos versus State of The Art object detection deep nets such as YOLO, SSD or Mask RCNN.

Mask RCNN result for video #2

I want to share my datasets I use for testing deep neural networks. I have already tested on 4k videos:

I was using SSD Keras by Andrey Rykov:

This was easiest/fastest [for me] to run and get results. But now I switched to Tensorflow Object Detection API. Special thanks to Harrison Kinsley for great tutorial on using TF object detection API. I recommend this for everyone who wants to start training SSD:

You can find results for models from TF model zoo:

Need 4k dashcam vids? Download and make awesome things!

Datasets were recorded with Samsung S7 in 4K resolution.

Here is one of the videos:

Dataset #2
Dataset #3
Dataset #4

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