Roadmap to learn Software Design

I have been planning to learn Software Design for a quite a while now but I always ended up finding some other fancy topic. You can be a software engineer with years of experience and still do fine…


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September 9, 2022



1. Review the employee’s job description

2. Evaluate employee’s job performance

3. Discuss the employee’s future goals and development steps at the company


1. Employee seems to be doing a good job and completing all tasks on or before the deadline.

2. A consistent performance is seen and the goals from the last performance appraisal seem to have been met.

3. Employee wishes to be promoted to Project Head by the end of the year. 4. The employee agreed to the assessment.


1. A new development plan for the coming year is to be drafted.

2. Updating the employee on the assignment of new tasks.

3. Submit evaluation sheet to HR.

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