How to Turn Our Society Into Pragmatic Environmentalists

How do we get more people to care about the environment? Simple: don't focus on why, instead provide solutions that take the "eco" out of the solution.


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Structured Ideation and Refinement


Morphological Analysis

When doing this I tried to pick functional requirements that I felt like helped the process of what my idea was and finding fun design embodiments that fit each requirements. Each of the functional requirements were necessary things that had to be thought about and one of the silly ideas on a snap bracelet from one of my roommates ended up seeming like a possible way to retract the bumper.

Presentation Material


Wednesday- Finish Timeline

Thursday- Do S of Scamper

Friday- Do C of Scamper

Saturday- Do a,m,p,e,r of Scamper

Sunday- Do Morphological analysis

Monday- Work on presentation material

Tuesday- work on presentation material

Wednesday- take off

Thursday- take off

Friday- take off

Saturday throughWednesday — Finish up presentation material and finish up blog post

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