Car road tax and insurance costs?

Can anyone direct me to a website which will tell me the insurance group or cars. Also one which will tell me how much road tax per year. Looking to buy a car but would like an idea of these costs…


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Installing Zap and Joule lightning wallets on PC connecting to a self hosted lnd node

In order to follow this tutorial please read my previous article

Preparation step 1.

You will have to execute steps 1–5 in the linked article, which explains how to set up a bitcoin core node and a connected lnd lightning node (on a Windows PC).

Preparation step 2.

In this tutorial we will set up the two wallets not on the PC on which Bitcoin core and lnd are running, but on another one which could even be outside the home network. For this you will have to copy these three files from the lightning hosting computer:

Copy the files to the computer the wallets will run on.

Zap Desktop is the desktop version of the Zap iOS wallet. It can be downloaded on the LN-Zap github repository:

Download the latest win32 exe file and install the program.

Once the program starts up click “Create new wallet” on the bottom left.

Select “Connect to your own node”

Enter the data as shown above. <Your IP> refers to the IP address of the lightning node hosting computer.

Voilà, you are connected.

2. Joule Chrome extension

Install the extension using this link:

Click “Add to Chrome”

The plugin should now appear as a little diamond in the plugin area to the right of the address bar.

Click the diamond icon and then click “Get started” two times in a row.

Next, select “Remote node”

Enter the IP address of the lnd node computer and port 10013. Use https, not http. If you enter wrong data by mistake and then enter the correct information again, Joule may fail to recognize it (bug). In that case you will have to start again from the beginning (click diamond).

I you have entered the correct information you should see the screen above

Click both of the upload buttons and specify the admin.macaroon and readonly.macaroon files located in the folder defined in preparation step 2.

Then hit “Continue”

And “Confirm” and set a password.

You can now use lightning from your browser.

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