Roadmap to learn Software Design

I have been planning to learn Software Design for a quite a while now but I always ended up finding some other fancy topic. You can be a software engineer with years of experience and still do fine…


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The Marines

No one left behind

I joined the Andela boot camp after an extensive application process. As is the norm, we were paired into groups and each group was assigned a learning facilitator assistant. These were the groups for the first week of the boot camp. In the group that I was assigned to, we were three boot campers; Bill Kariri, Enock Cheruiyot and myself. We were then assigned John Musiu as our Learning Facilitator assistant.

First order of business was to choose a team name and team slogan. We settled on marines and the team slogan we chose was no man left behind.

This set a stage for teamwork and the kind of close relationship we were going to have not only officially but also in an unofficial environment.

I got to our group and everyone had already settled and that’s where I met Bill Kariri. Bill is an outspoken person who always asks for clarification. Bill is a part-time student at Maseno University in Nairobi pursuing Information and Communication Technology management but passion led him to apply to Andela. Despite his many commitments, he is able to get the work done and still go to school at night. His resolve to concentrate on both tasking commitments is admirable. Bill is not afraid to speak out, he always owns up when he feels he has missed something. He is very helpful when one has an issue.

The other member of our group is Enock Cheruiyot. Enock is very soft-spoken but you should not be fooled, he knows his stuff! He is always eager to help when any member of the group is stuck. Enock has a Degree in Information Technology and he seems to know his way around technology. He reminds us of deadlines so that everyone can submit their work on time. Enock smiles a lot and this keeps everyone at ease. He seeks help whenever he is stuck. I was sad to hear that he would no longer be with us due to a loss in the family. He was a valued member of the marines.

Last but certainly not the least we have our able Learning Facilitator Assistant John Musiu. John is a very fun person, on our first encounter he suggested we get a team comedian. I volunteered for the job but I have not met expectations to that regard. I know… It’s not funny. John is always ready to help when any of us is stuck. He is very thorough with his work and gives a lot of attention to detail. He is very encouraging creates an environment where we are comfortable to ask him about anything. My interaction with him has seen me grow both my technical skills as well as my soft skills. He is very clear on things and one would rarely fail to understand him.

I would conclude and say that my team is awesome, we support each other under the able leadership of our LFA. It has been a great opportunity to get to know these awesome people. They have each contributed towards my growth in a tremendous way….we are the marines

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