Morning snow and silent book club bring such peace

Our neighbourhood silent book club meetings have become my light at the end of those inevitable tunnels we have to make our way through — you know, seasonal dreariness, work tedium (even if you love…


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an extra glance

There is a topic that is interesting to me and has been showing up at my every turn since August 2018. I want to share it with anyone who might be interested, because if you (like me) didn’t ever think that this is a big deal, it might be worth your consideration. The topic I’m referring to is contraception. Just to be clear to anyone reading this, I am coming from a Christian perspective that sex is intended for marriage only. Below are select pages from a few books that I have read in the past few months that have shed some light on contraception and the morality of it.

The Philosophy of Jesus by Peter Kreeft

There is a section titled “Jesus and Sex” in the chapter “Jesus’ Ethics”. This section addresses the Sexual Revolution and its impact on our modern day thinking.

Rome Sweet Home by Scott and Kimberly Hahn

This short story is from the perspective of Kimberly, when she was studying at a Protestant Seminary alongside her husband, beginning her Master’s studies in theology. This story is found in the chapter, “New Conceptions of the Covenant”.

Salvation is from the Jews by Roy Schoeman

The topic of contraception would pop up again…in what I thought was the least likely of places. In the chapter “Ideological Foundations of Nazism”, the reader is introduced to a woman named Margaret Sanger. You may have heard of her, she is the founder of “Planned Parenthood”. Who knew how much Sanger and her campaign had in common with the Nazi Party?

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