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How AI Can Elevate The Shopping Experiences On Magento Stores

Artificial Intelligence has emerged as one of the most disruptive technologies of the present times. It has touched lives in more than one ways; from being the life force behind virtual assistants to driving smart cars, powering up automated devices, and more, the reliance on AI is increasing with every passing day. The technology has made its way into various industry verticals including e-commerce, where it is driving big changes. These days, a large number of Magento stores are integrating AI to transform the shopping experiences they deliver.

Personalized Shopping Experiences: Integrating this technology into e-commerce stores opens up opportunities for delivering personalized shopping experiences. Every shopper can be given personalized product recommendations and deals on the basis of their shopping history and demographic data. This data, sourced with AI technologies such as machine learning and cognitive computing, serves extremely reliable and accurate insights related to the site visitors.

Chatbots for Conversational Commerce: Conversational commerce is the trend that has altered the traditional e-commerce scenario. Online shoppers no longer want to browse and shop; rather they look for a conversational interface for a more satisfying experience. The AI-powered chatbots are changing the game for the industry. These smart virtual assistants are similar to human assistants as they are capable of understanding the human language and conversing with the customers. They offer round-the-clock customer support and even suggest them the best products and deals on the basis of their preferences and shopping behavior.

Contextual Searches: Another way in which AI is raising the bar of Magento e-commerce selling is through contextual searches. Though Magento offers some rich search extensions that power up keyword-based searches, AI takes things to the next level by providing contextual search functionality. This functionality relies on NLP (Natural Language Process) which turns up results on the basis of the context of the search term, not the keywords.

Visual Searches: Another innovative form of searching that has a transformational impact on the user journey is visual searching. Visual searches are relevant for the Magento app users as these enable them to use the smartphone camera for clicking pictures of products and using these pictures to search similar ones on the store instantly. The visual search functionality is also empowered by the Artificial Intelligence technology.

Prevention of Fraudulent Activities: In addition to making the shopping experiences seamless, AI also ensures the security of online transactions. As e-commerce relies on variant selling channels, there are many complexities related to managing the transactions and online frauds are a common occurrence. These challenges can be addressed by combining the security standards of Magento with machine learning technology. Together, they can detect the anomalies in the customer behavior and track fraudulent behavior effectively.

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