How to Create Instagram Stories in After Effects?

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Kullu Manali tour from Chennai

Albert Einstein once said, “Life is like riding a bicycle and in order to balance, you must keep moving”. For thousands of years, Man has traversed through several unknown lands in search of the ‘meaning of life’. He was able to discover so many wonders which are the result of his sole search for something new always. Although men have withdrawn from their nomadic ways of life and settled down, the urge for him to travel around has never faded. This urge within is what stimulates us to occasionally take a trip to faraway lands.

India occupies one of the topmost positions when it comes to traveler’s choice!! With the abundant blessing of Mother Nature, the land is bestowed with several tourist attractions such as the Mighty Himalayas in the north, the exotic and mystic serpentine lands of the east, the west which is famous for its handicrafts and the south which is the cradle of greenery and traditional heritages. Of all these exotic oriental attractions, the enthusiastic lot of travelers are attracted to the mighty mountain tops of the north, the Kullu-Manali hills especially!!

This perfect valley destination is preferred by most people due to its picturesque views and exotic locations. Kullu valley is present in the Kullu district which is home to several scenic towns. Because of the towns’ close proximity to one another, Kullu-Manali is often referred to as a single destination. The Kullu valley is located between the enchanting lower and higher range of Himalayas. Millions of people throng the beautiful valleys annually as it is one of the most visited tourist places in North India.

A well-planned trip to the Kullu valleys is sure to lift all your worries and gift you the most memorable days of your lifetime. Here is a list of the top attractions within the Kullu region that you might include in your tour package:

Rohtang Pass is a must-visit on your trip to the Kullu valleys as it is famous for its picturesque location which is complemented with the beauty of the rivers Chenab and Beas that flows through its southern and northern side respectively. The best time to visit here would be during the month of May as the pass may be closed during the wintertime due to heavy snowfall.

Vashist village is located near to the town on Manali and is spread across river Beas. The village is world-famous for its sulfurous hot springs. The existence of several stone temples also adds to the beauty of the land. The village of Vashistis opens during all time throughout the year. A dip in the hot spring and a visit to the shrine of lord Vashist.

Manali is home to several prominent Tibetan Monasteries and among them, the most famous are the Himalaya Nyingmapa and GadhanThekchhoklingGompa. These were built by pilgrims in ancient times and hence they portray the beauty of the olden times. Hence, the monasteries could be considered as a must-watch for the tourists. The monasteries are open throughout the year which helps to reduce the crowd of visiting people.

The Great Himalayan National Park is considered as the heaven for all nature lovers and is stated by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. The land is abundantly blessed with flora and fauna. The scenic views are open throughout the year for the visitors to enjoy.

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