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Why Parksen stands above the competition as a smart parking solution?

When you think about parking, you would probably think about the places you park every day when you go to work or for errands and when you come home. Probably it would only happen in your city or country, as a result, when you travel to another country, figuring out the parking solutions would most of the time be a real headache.

Parksen — Smart Parking made right

Parksen could help you solve the parking issues both in your city and internationally. You won’t find any smart parking solution like us in the world. We are for sure the most unique parking solution worldwide.

Cheap parking is Smart Parking

Parksen is one of very few companies that provide both on-and-off street services. That means when you are on a street, you could use our app to park. But besides the street parking, if you go to a shopping mall, or go back home and want to find to park in a private garage, you could also use our app to park as well.

Moreover, Parksen has more services in the bundle than other competitors. We have the front-end solution like the app, and the back-end solution — the platform connected to the municipalities. We also partner with hardware providers to create a “parking grid” that will allow real-time parking , using the IoT services. Comparing with the competitors, they don’t usually have the back-end as well as the hardware parts.

Join Parksen either as an investor or a user!

This means you’re taking one more step with the hottest smart parking stuff out there.

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