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Threat modeling is a proactive approach to security that involves analyzing and assessing the security risks of an application or system. By doing so, app security engineers can identify potential…


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In the era of globalization like today we cannot escape from the machine called a computer. All activities related to learning and work activities really need a computer. Sophisticated technology makes it easier for humans to complete activities in everyday life.

Because a computer is a machine that can be used to make whatever application we need, it’s just that we have to know the ability or capacity of the machine. Everything we want or what we want to know is in it. Like games, science, business (economics), medicine, pharmacy, military, politics and so on.

Artificial intelligence or artificial intelligence is a part of computer science that makes machines (computers) can do work like and as well as those done by humans.

And today I will share with you a platform that uses artificial intelligence using Blokchcain technology called OLPORTAL which I will discuss in full about the project with this unique concept.

The main problem in the current AI opportunity, is that AI solutions or artificial intelligence still cannot be created or replicated at a manageable cost like most commodity products. This is the main problem in AI opportunities that need to be addressed as early as possible.

OLPORTAL is a decentralized messenger on neural networks with Artificial Intelligence dialogue functions. The possibility to compose messages automatically on your behalf and hold conversations in various formats and styles is the hallmark of integrated AI.

And with the aim of OLPORTAL developing ecosystems for the creation and utilization of OLAI neurobots that have different personalities.

OLAI is the world’s first neurobot with AI, shaping your communication in chat, not you or on your behalf. With this, OLAI can be your dividing image in dialogue or can reply in the way of a celebrity or extraordinary character.

OLMarket — OLMarket is an online store in the OLPORTAL application where users can place and advertise their trained neurobots OLAI in order to sell them to other users

OLTarget — OLTarget is a full-fledged bidirectional service for the promotion of advertising material in OLPORTAL by the means of artificial intelligence.

OLChat — OLChat is an internal messenger used at OLPORTAL. It employs the functions of artificial intelligence LCFNN.6.

OLAccount — OLPORTAL’s accounts feature extensive informational content about users, in particular about their affiliation with some form of social media and messenger services

OLWallet — OLWallet is the decentralized multicurrency wallet of the OLPORTAL application.

OLNet — OLNet — a decentralized network, built on the Hedera Hashgraph platform.

iMe Messenger — Integration of neurobots inside Telegram chats through an alternative iMe Messenger client.

OLPORTAL is the world’s first decentralized messenger on hybrid neural networks with the function of Artificial Intelligence communication, which will be distributed in the OLNet decentralized network.

OLPORTAL is the first innovator to find a unique idea with AI combining with Blockchain and Cryptocurrency technology that will become a breakthrough for an easier and more efficient future.

OLPORTAL has many advantages and unique concepts for the development of the world of Cryptocurrency using Artificial Intelligence and if you want to know more about OLPORTAL please visit the useful information below.

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