Why Do You Need Cemetery Software?

Cemetery management software is extremely important to run an efficient cemetery. Such features as cemetery interactive mapping, financial management, burial plot management, are just some of the features that help transform your cemetery.


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How to Create Instagram Stories in After Effects?

In this tutorial, we need a verticle composition so I am using 1080 by 1920, 30 frames per second. Comp name main comp now create a white solid bg layer then drag your footage into timeline resize your footage according to your choice and pre-compose them also check to move all attributes into the new composition rename comp name image1. Now select the rectangle tool and make a rectangle like this then go to rectangle1 and open rectangle path1 change roundness around 200 and place your rectangle. Now duplicate shape layer and move shape layer, now select image1 comp layer and duplicate them and move above the shape1 layer then select bottom image1 comp layer and change track matte alpha matte if you did not find this press f4 also change the track matte top image1 comp layer so that your main comp looks like this.

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