3 Keys to Successful Digital Transformation

The organisations that are making the biggest push into the digital age are not those with the biggest data sets, the most/latest/greatest sensors. They are the ones that are applying their unique…


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Hekaterian Witchcraft

hekaterian witchcraft, practices & beliefs.

The witchcraft practiced by the hekaterians is similar to the old traditions of witchcraft. This includes necromancy, conjuring, cursing, hexing, binding, charming. These are just a few examples of what the hekaterians actually practice. Some, if not most hekaterians are evil and very vengeful, these witches are said to be strong enough to cast spells without any form of items in the process. Coming across from being strong and venegful, hekaterians are really good to learn from especially the ones who are in search for a more darker side of magick. Not to be confused, this can be used for light magick.

The best I can describe a hekaterian, in fact the best way I can put it is DON’T TALK TO HEKATERIANS IF YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING.

The hekaterians are said to have been dedicated to the Greek Mythology Goddess ‘Hecate’. Not much is really known about them but as my friend also told me Hekaterians are a more darker side of ‘Hekatean Witchcraft’.

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