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Are you familiar with Presenteeism?

“The issue of employees coming into work while not physically or mentally well, instead of staying home and recuperating.

The term has now been expanded also to include employees who are disengaged in their job — not altogether “present” in their day-to-day work.”

Naturally this is going to be a debatable subject with management having to ensure they strike a fine balance between looking after their employees and hindering productivity. From a managerial perspective a lot of it comes down to establishing trust and respect from staff to ensure they remain committed to the job expected of them.

However, it seems the terms emergence comes as part of a managers failure to keep their employees motivated leading to them becoming disillusioned. The article states the following:

“The reasons people might come into work when sick include:

some measures you can take to reduce the problem of presenteeism:

So how is this relevant to us here at Thinking Software?

For those of you not familiar with us here at Thinking Software, we have developed and support our Enterprise Time & Attendance solution, Rota Horizon.

It provides you with the perfect Workforce Management tool to accurately record and monitor employee attendance, make staff planning far easier and communicate employee hours with any form of Payroll Software.

With reference to the article being discussed specifically, Rota Horizon is the perfect tool to spot any patterns that are emerging with reference to staff attendance. This makes it the perfect ally for any manger consider a change to company culture with reference to working hours.

To learn more how you could benefit from a Time & Attendance solution then please do call Thinking Software on 0800 854 471 or drop us an email to sales@thinking-software.com.

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