How PandMedic Solutions is Making Travel Safe Again

With the coronavirus pandemic lingering across the United States, many have started to rethink how we as humans will be able to gather in groups and socialize again. After dozens of states have been…


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Warlock Ch. 08

Out of the darkness and into the light… and what a bright light Jennaca has! Not to mention John might have found a way to keep her from talking so much…
John stared at the beautiful young woman. He struggled to keep his eyes above her tight half-shirt that was filled to bursting. He ignored the urges his infernal nature pushed at him to look for the southwestern winds to blow her loin cloth to the side so he could glimpse her tanned thighs and more.
“John?” Jennaca asked. “Did you hear me?”
“You… you want me to use my powers on you?”
She grinned and nodded. “I met you — all of you — for a reason. I don’t know the reason, but I have to believe this will help me. Before now I’ve spent my life learning and practicing and preparing. I’ve never met someone like you before… your powers sound so exciting and, well, fun! You’re a very handsome man too, perhaps even more pleasing to look on than Uncle Garrick or my king.”
Zynga rocked back and forth on the ground where she sat. She was laughing so hard tears were running from her eyes even though she wasn’t making any noise.
“You’re not as strong, I’m sure, but Uncle Garrick is, like, as strong as an ogre… maybe stronger!”
Before Jennaca could prove how much air her lungs held yet again, John asked, “How old are you?”
She smiled. “Eighteen. Half way through my sixteenth year I decided it was time I set out on my own. A lot of people didn’t like that, but mom was on my side! She was sad, she didn’t want me to go, but I’m pretty sure she was there the first few months, at least. Watching me and making sure I was safe. Well… sort of safe… at least. I didn’t run into anything I couldn’t handle.”
John blinked. “On your own at sixteen.. and in the wilderness, no less?”
“I went west first. Spent a little time in Noraven, with Queen Grishna. She was a friend of a friend but we got along great. I learned a lot from her in the time I was there. But — “
“Noraven? Queen Grishna?” John repeated the words as they pulled up more disjointed memories together. “She’s called the Goblin Queen, right?”
Jennaca grinned and nodded. “Except she’s not a goblin, obviously. She said she’s half human, half orc. She came from up there… from the void. Oh the stories she told me of when she was on her father’s ship sailing from one world to another. It was amazing… but it takes weeks or months to get from one place to another. All while trapped on a ship? No thank you, I’ll stay down here. I’d get sooo bored, you know?”
John grunted.
“Anyhow,” she continued, “mom and, well, everyone, always knew I just kind of went after what I wanted. The King said he truly enjoyed talking to me because I had no filter… or no censor… or something, it was a while ago. Anyhow, if I wanted something, I don’t pretend otherwise. I don’t find any good comes of hiding feelings or lying about things either. Mom says that’s because she raised me in our cabin and with animals for friends instead of people. Animals understand honesty and truth far better than people do. I mean, that’s what mom says. I think people can be honest and good… but sometimes they get worried about hurting each other’s feelings so they lie. When that happens they usually end up hurting them even more.”
Zynga fell over onto her back. John didn’t know if the lack of oxygen would kill the imp or not, but he did appreciate how she couldn’t talk, at least.
John flicked his fingers at her, sending his eager magic to strike the young woman directly in the face. She gasped and her eyes widened. John’s magic slipped into her open mouth and rushed through her body, connecting them and exciting her as it coiled deep into her core.
“Oh! Did you… I feel… mmm, that’s nice.”
John chuckled and stood up.
Jennaca looked around the fire before looking back at John. “I don’t mind, it’s a natural act and all. But, well, do you want to go somewhere else, maybe? I know most people like their privacy. Me, I don’t need it. I have nothing to hide. I kind of enjoy — “
“Jennaca, come here,” John interrupted her.
She leapt to her feet and hurried over to him. She grinned and opened her mouth, but John put his finger to her lips. “Let’s go over here a bit. Near the wagon, I think. Can you see?”
“I’m fine,” she said and eagerly took his hand. “Oh my… I’ve felt tingly before and always wondered what it was like, but never like this! I think I’m ready for you already! Even when my moon blood was flowing I didn’t feel like this!”
John glanced at her. “Like what?”
“So… slippery! Wet… You know, in my vagina.”
John chuckled. “I seldom hear that word.”
“Oh? I’ve heard other words… I wasn’t sure what was right.”
“Use what you feel is right.”
“What do you call it?” she asked as John led her to the far side of the wagon.
He looked down at the woman. She was a hand shorter than he was but he suspected she had more energy than a dozen of him. “Pussy, cunt, twat… there are many I suppose.”
“You like those. All right… half a moment… pussy? That’s another name for a cat like Sasha! Pussycat!”
John chuckled. “So it is. I don’t know why.”
She grinned. “That’s funny. Now I’ll think of Sasha every time I hear that word. Pussy… okay, John, I’m ready to mate… or to be bedded. Lain with? Fuck? What — “
John kissed her. She mumbled into his mouth until she realized what was happening. Then she threw herself into the action and kissed him back with everything she had. It was a lot.
The girl nearly overwhelmed John with her enthusiasm. Unlike Irena, Jennaca was a fast learner. She took to him and slowed her kiss from frantic to sensuous. In no time John realized he was losing himself in the girl’s embrace. She was moaning into him, caught up in the experience and leaving him with no doubt he was her first.
Jennaca pulled away first and tugged at his robe. “I really liked that,” she said as she lifted his robe. “I’ll happily do more of it too, but I want more. I need more… whatever magic you used on me, it’s got me burning and aching and feeling all funny. The thing is, I know you can make it better. You just have to put your… what do you like to call it?”
“Cock,” John breathed.
She grinned. “I like that. Cock. I need your cock in me. The time is right for me… no, not to be with child, I mean the time is right for me not to bear your child.”
John chuckled. “My magic has made it so I will not bear children… not easily, at least.”
“Oh! Well… wait, so we can do this any time?”
John helped her get his robe over his head. He draped it over the side of the wagon while she took her bow off and leaned it against the wagon. John’s fingers went to the laces of her shirt as he said, “It’s a little trickier than that. We have to travel and there are other concerns.”
“Oh, well, obviously!” Jennaca said. “I know that. I mean if you’re not busy and I’m not busy and nobody’s going to get upset…”
“We’ll save that for when the time comes,” John said. “For now… oh my, how did you…. Those are incredible!”
Jennaca looked down at her bared breasts and shrugged. The movement made the massive globes bounce, much to John’s delight. “Yeah, they’re big. Like, really big.”
“I can see that,” John said as he reached out to cup each of them in his hands. He ran his fingers over her equally large areolas and made her shiver. Her nipples stiffened further against his fingers.
“I run a lot, so I have to wear a stupid shirt that really ties them down. Otherwise they hurt.”
“I bet,” John said. “Well, let me bring them some pleasure to make up for past pains.”
She grinned. “You’re pretty good at that.”
“Just wait,” John said as he bent his head down and captured her left nipple between his lips.
Jennaca squeaked as his mouth worked against her. It was magic of a different sort, the kind that people had been using on one another since the beginning of time. Her hands gripped the back of his head and held him tight against her as he licked, sucked, and nibbled on her. Then he did it all over again. John’s hand moved to her other breast so it didn’t feel left out. Jennaca sighed and mooned and swayed. Only the wagon at her back and John at her front kept her from falling to the ground.
John felt her heat rising as he worked. He switched to her other breast, exposing her now wet one to the breeze. Jennaca shivered, but it wasn’t from being cold. She arched her back, thrusting her massive breasts against him and demanding more attention on them. John was happy to oblige.
He worked his magic within her too, inflaming her passions further so that, with an almost accidental bite on her tender nub, she cried out and clung to him. Her hips jerked and her hands clawed at his back as she shuddered and leaked her energy into him. John stiffened further with the rush of her innocent energy. Her pleasure reminded him of Little Red, but it was somehow more potent.
John guided her to the ground and started kissing his way down her body. He made it to her belly before she pulled her sash that ran between her breasts off and pushed it to the side. John reached her belt and untied it before pulling it apart and kissing her flesh beneath it. He was hit with the scent of her arousal as soon as her loin cloth fell away. Her curls were coated with her dew, confirming what she’d said. She was more than ready for him.
“You’re something else,” John whispered. “A treasure… rare and precious and beautiful.”
Jennaca giggled. “You don’t need to woo me, but you do need to…fuck me. Yes, put your cock in my pussy, John. Shove that cock in my cunt and fuck me!”
John imagined he looked more like the wide-eyed fumbling virgin than she did. He grinned and nodded. “All right, I think you’re ready.”
“I’m well beyond ready,” Jennaca agreed as she twisted and pulled herself up so she was on her hands and knees. She pressed her bottom back at him. “Hurry, I’m starting to burn up again. What you did to my teats was great, but it wasn’t enough. I’m — “
“Tits,” John corrected her. “Boobs, breasts, or tits are what I prefer.”
She groaned and nodded, then wiggled her ass. “Fine, I’ll call them that. Just mate me — fuck me, already!”
John held himself in one hand and put his other on her hip to steady her. He felt the muscles under her skin quivering and tensing. She wasn’t so different from Sasha, he realized. She looked soft and cuddly but underneath it all was a dangerous woman that could spring into action at a moment’s notice.
He touched her slit with the tip of his cock. Jennaca hissed and tried to push back against him. John held her steady and then slid between her gaping lips and dragged himself up and down her slit until she bucked when he rubbed against her clit. She grunted and panted, shuddering as a mini-orgasm leaked more of her energy.
John slid himself back up while she quivered and placed himself at her entrance. Steadily and slowly, he pushed forward. After a moment he began to slip inside. Jennaca groaned and panted. She lowered her face to the ground and pushed back and up at him, trying to get more of his length inside.
John had to rock himself and make progress in small thrusts. Jennaca was tighter than any woman he’d ever known. Tighter than Little Red, the other virgin he’d taken. Tighter even than Little Red’s arse, which he was certain was impossible.
Jennaca was not to be denied though. She pushed and wiggled, her body acting on instinct and lust as reason abandoned her. Finally John felt he could go no further… he’d reached her maidenhead. Jennaca kept trying and then slipped a hand back to find most of John’s length was still blowing in the breeze and not warm and snug inside of her.
John opened his mouth to warn her even as she growled. Before he could stop her, she thrust back against him. He felt her flesh tear and he moved a full inch inside of her. Jennaca froze, gasping and panting and mumbling something into the arm she’d bit down on.
“It’s okay,” John said. “You’re no longer a maiden. I’m told it stings, take some time and get used to it.”
She nodded and then, in spite of his advice, she began to wiggle her hips around him some more. John had the presence of mind to swirl his magic around his cock, somehow finding space between her squeezing sex and his so that he could take the blood away and leave her feeling better. Jennaca took care of the rest as she started actively thrusting herself back onto him.
When more than half his cock was buried in her John was beginning to struggle. She was an amazing woman, or at least she had an amazing pussy. It was squeezing the life from his cock, but in the best of ways. He needed a break so he could focus on her and no end up driven mad with his need to try and find his release. It wouldn’t work, not unless she came first, and all he’d end up doing is fucking her raw and bloody in his attempts.
John straightened. She’d peaked twice already. Smaller orgasms, but maybe they counted? He wasn’t sure… but he knew he wanted more of them. The taste of her pure soul had enflamed his infernal side. It yearned for her every bit as much as John’s libido ached to possess her.
He stared down at her as she continued thrusting back on him. Her bottom was split in perfect globes and between them her pucker winked at him. If her pussy was tight…
John growled and grabbed her hips in both hands and jammed himself another inch in. Jennaca grunted and that turned into a shudder as another mini-orgasm made her body spasm. John’s fingers pinched into her skin as he prepared to drive into her again, deeper. He held himself back, fighting the urge to let the demon inside of him loose. She wasn’t ready for that… she might never be ready for it, she was so tight!
“Roll over,” John growled.
Jennaca ignored him until he repeated it a second time. She looked back at him and then, seeing he was serious, she pulled forward and slid off his length. She whined as he left behind a feeling of emptiness. She was sad and aching. She needed him back inside. Needed him to stop her entire body from burning up.
John helped her roll over and then picked her legs up. He hooked her knees around his arms and leaned forward so her arse lifted off the ground. She bit her lip and watched him. John positioned himself at her entrance again and slowly pushed back in. When he finally stopped he’d gained a little more ground but a few frustrated inches remained.
She let her lip go and squeaked on, “Oh! Oh, that’s… I’ve never seen animals do it this way. This is nice too.”
John thrust in and out of her and watched her breasts shake and jiggle. Without her tight shirts they would stretch and sag, he was sure. A crime against beauty and youth… as upsetting as it was to know she hid such treasures behind a shirt, he was glad she did all the same.
“You like my… my tits?” Jennaca asked. “You’re staring at them.”
“I like all of you,” John said. “You’re beautiful.”
She grinned and then gasped as John slide his thumb across the top of her slit. Her eyes crossed and she had to blink to refocus them. She lifted her head and looked down. “What was that?”
“That was this,” John said as he tickled her swollen button with his thumb.
Jennaca squeaked and shuddered under him. “Do. It. Again!” she gasped.
“Gladly,” John said and began to rub circles around her clit.
Jennaca came undone. Her head jerked back and forth and she sputtered nonsense when she wasn’t gasping or squeaking. John worked himself into her, fucking her orgasm into something that separated her mind from her body and poured pure power from her soul into him. John was blinded by the energy and roared as his inner demon overtook him and rutted away inside of her. He watched, barely aware of himself as he thrust over and over into her and then, with a roar that wasn’t so different than the tiger’s he stiffened and erupted.
John knew he shouldn’t be doing it, but he had no control over himself. His cum burst from his loins like a flaming arrow shot from a bow. It struck deep inside of her and clung to her flesh, claiming her and spreading his magic into her receptive flesh.
Jennaca stopped squeaking, she had frozen on constricted muscles. Her mouth was open to the stars and her eyes had rolled back so only the whites showed. John continued to spurt inside of her, draining himself and pouring his power into her as though she was a chalice that needed to be filled. All the while he drank of her soul until his demon was satisfied at last.
John collapsed on top of her. He knew he was heavy and he was crushing her, but he couldn’t make himself move. In fact, he could barely breathe. Jennaca clung to him, her arms holding him tightly against her and her face buried in his neck as she gasped for what air she could get between their hot and sweaty bodies.
John managed a groan at last but Jenna held him tight. “Don’t… Not yet… I’m… Saints! I’m still…”
John forced his eyes open and lifted his head enough to look down at her. He could feel it, he realized. He was still feeding from her. She was quivering under and around him. She was still peaking. She shook her head and moaned as he forced his chest up. He had to stop her or he’d drain her completely. No mortal woman had ever filled him as she had, but still, even Jennaca had her limits and he knew they were fast approaching.
John looked down and gasped. He’d buried himself fully inside of her! Well, he hadn’t, his demon had. He pulled back, fighting her meager attempts with her legs to keep him buried inside of her. At long last he won their fatigued wrestling match and slipped free of her depths. His cock glistened with their juices, shining wet and white in the starlight that found them.
John collapsed on his side and stared up at the sky. “Wow,” he said.
Jennaca said nothing. She curled up on her side and used his arm as a pillow. She clung to him and made soft little noises that might as well have been a kitten purring. He smiled and turned his head to look at the amazing young woman he’d just met. Just met and just fucked. Thoroughly.
“I’ve always wondered,” Jennaca mused.
“Wondered what?”
“Hush,” she said and then managed to rise up and crawl down his body. She sniffed his cock and then began licking him.
John gasped and stared down at her. She licked up and down his shaft, cleaning him. Her hand moved him gently, allowing her to lick his belly where he’d rubbed some off and then so she could reach his base and even his sack. She made sure he was fully clean before kissing the head of his cock again and then moving back up to curl beside him.
“Animals lick themselves clean after,” she said. “I always wondered.”
“Animals lick their arseholes after relieving themselves too,” John said.
She made a sour face. “That’s different!”
John chuckled. “Good, I wanted to make sure.”
She smiled and kissed his arm. “You’re a kind man, John. Kind, handsome, and amazing to fuck!”
John chuckled. “You’re no less amazing, trust me. I… I get power when I bed a woman. You… you have a lot to give.”
“Aw, thank you!”
“No, I mean a lot of power. You are special, Jennaca. Very special. Pure and innocent and there’s something inside of you that speaks of great things to come, I think.”
“Not so pure and innocent now, I bet!” she grinned.
John chuckled. “Oh, you are. Just because you’re not a maiden doesn’t mean a woman such as you doesn’t retain her spirit.”
“Are you trying to woo me again? I’m not sure I can go another round just yet.”
He laughed. “Neither can I! We should get dressed and get back to the campfire though. Although I’m not sure I want to see the looks on their faces after all the noises we just made.”
She shrugged. “We fucked. It’s natural. Natural to make noises too, why worry about it? No one was hurt… quite the opposite, in fact.”r”

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