Why Is A Great Product Great? An Uber Example

Everyone has his or her own favorite products, and we can all fill pages on why we love one brand over another. But why is a great product a great product? For most of us, what makes a great product…


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You Are The Heartbeat Of The Universe

Vibrate at the speed of Love!

Life doesn’t give us what we want,

it gives us who we are.

We are an instrument that the Universe/God sings through.

Love expands and returns instantly.

Be loving to yourself.

Meditate Dance Sing Draw Write Give Chant

C O N N E C T compassionately

It is how we become the breath of God/The Universe

Its beating heart.

We are connected. There is no separation.

Tune in to this with kindness.

Take long slow deep calming breaths.

Embrace life & Let go

Embrace life & Let go

Embrace life & Let go

You are the beating heart of the Universe.

Be an expression of gratefulness.

Raise and amplify your vibration

By actively tuning into love.

Listen to the kind loving voice within.

Have a Blessed Happy Healthy Day!


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