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9 Weird Clues In WandaVision That Will Make You Go Hmmm

These Marvel tidbits might keep you up late at night.

What is really going on in the new show Wandavision? After the first 2 episodes, we have a lot of hints but no solid answers. Let’s put all our clues in a pile and stir them around. Maybe we can get to the bottom of this!

Spoiler alert: Here there be spoilers.

Wandavision starts with our couple moving into a house in the quaint suburban town of Westview. They pull in as newlyweds, cans dragging behind their car, and start their 1950’s style sitcom life: just a stay-at-home-wife and a working man. Everything is in black and white.

Everything is not as it seems. First, how is Vision here?

If Vision is alive now, he’s actually on his fourth life. He started as Jarvis and was reincarnated into Vision. We know the Vision definitely died at the hands of Thanos. But that was after Thanos reversed time to bring him back to life because Wanda was forced to kill Vision herself the first time to destroy the Mind Stone.

I think he is, somehow. Here’s why.

We see Vision go to his job and complete work. Wanda isn’t there. She’s at home meeting the yacky and suspicious neighbor Agnes.

We find out that the Heart Computational Services company doesn’t seem to produce anything tangible. Yet, since the Vision started working there, productivity went up by a whopping 300%!

In episode 2, Vision goes to the neighborhood watch meeting, where he ends up eating a stick of gum and getting his insides gummed up. Again, no Wanda in sight. She’s off doing her own thing.

This means he has some separate existence. Wanda might still be fueling it, but he exists somehow.

Is this against Wanda’s wishes? Neither of them seems to remember why they are in this sitcom, so you might think that they are being held against their will.

Vision is freshly resurrected. You could forgive him for having amnesia at this point.

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