Did Putin finally break?

Vladimir Putin has been relatively absent from the world stage, and Russia’s failing war in Ukraine isn’t the only indication of Putin’s downfall. On November 14, 2022, it was reported that the…


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What I Learned From Writing About Cheating in My Relationship

I should have prepared for the onslaught

I talked about how even though I should have never cheated I was able to learn from the experience and eventually escape an abusive situation.

The story was far from my best work. I posted it in a bit of a hurry as I was about to leave for vacation, forgot about it, and yesterday and today it has received thousands of views.

I was unprepared for the onslaught of negative comments.

Some of these included one which said abuse was no excuse to cheat, that I was playing the victim, and should have walked out the door and not opened my legs. Another claimed once a cheater always a cheater.

I do not condone cheating by any means.

I never should have done it.

I never should have allowed myself to become entangled in such a treacherous relationship.

But what I shared in that post was hardly the whole story, and the fact that people are so quick to judge someone they’ve never met after reading a few paragraphs will never cease to astound me.

The truth is, I grew up in a family that never taught me how to protect myself against manipulation and abuse. I was emotionally neglected as a child and instead taught to listen, obey, and fear men as my religion taught that they were to not be questioned.

This led to multiple abusive relationships and I believe it made me an easy target for emotional, physical, and narcissistic abuse.

A few years ago, I fell deeply in love with an older man. He presented himself as my savior and prince on a white horse.

At the time I was in distress because my mother had moved across the world with no warning. My father had become even more emotionally abusive due to her leaving, and in turn, I allowed myself to delve into a fantasy with this man.

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