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If Life Were A Circus

A Poem

What Role Would I Play?
A high-wire performer
Forever struggling to maintain balance
So forward movement is always a challenge?
An acrobat manipulating her torso
In amazing, unseemly ways
As if she were made of rubber
But even so destined to act
On a narrow stage?
Perhaps a juggler
Focused constantly on
Keeping multiple balls in the air
Failing to see his neglected partner
Wandering away?
Better still to be a clown
Everyone’s friend, everyone’s foil
Good for a million laughs
Even her tears viewed
As part of her persona
Fated never to be taken seriously?
How about the truck driver/stage hand
Who shuttles performers from one venue to the next
Moves props around in the darkness
An essential worker of a different sort
Never celebrated
Ever behind the lights
With the best perspective of all?
The ringmaster is an obvious choice
In charge, front and center
Spotlight on you
Drawing all eyes to your countenance
All is quiet so your every word is heard
Your lot is
To bear the responsibility
For the entire circus on your shoulders
A burden that can be all consuming
Allowing scant room for simple pleasures
And true companions
The opposite end of the spectrum
Can be very tempting
That of being a spectator
Easy to observe and analyze
All the others
Frequently finding fault
Confident that you could do better
No risk of failure
Or hope of success
Or sense of accomplishment
I’d on the whole rather be
The one who brings energy to all the rest
Who supports and nurtures them
Loves unceasingly
Living each day
Fully immersed in each moment
Without pretence or judgment
Seeing Your reflection everywhere
Unveiling the tiny spark
With which You have gifted me
And helping others release their own light
Yes, that it what I would like to be
So very, very far to go
But the only journey worth taking

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