That Silly Flood

Kim McKinney is a believer in defiance. Especially of arrogant people. She also has visions of her kayak saving her if there is ever a flood in her area. Though if the rescue boats came first, she…


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The Gate of Death

The stench of urine and faeces assailed through the young girl’s subconscious, stirring her from vile nightmares that no adult of sane mind could comprehend.

Where am I? she thought.

A part of her wanted to open her eyes but another kept her rooted still as an unknown fear seized her muscles. She was lying down on a solid surface and her body rocked gently like a baby in a cradle. A soothing thought but one quickly dismissed as her other senses awoke.

With her ear pressed flat against the floor, she could hear the rumble of the ground beneath her as though she was in the midst of a violent thunderstorm that was laying siege to her cradle. She tried scrunching up her face to close out the sound, but pain shot through her and the rumble grew more deafening. Seeing no other choice, she lifted her head and tried to sit up.

Her arms quivered with effort and her body ached all over. A pair of hands touched her shoulders and helped support her until she was sat up, slumped, but as comfortable as her body will allow her to be.

“Where am I?” she said.

Her throat was dry and the sounds that came from it were more of a croak than words. Still, her newfound support had understood enough. His voice was quiet and aged.

“We are on a train,” he replied. “We do not know where or how long but I hope this journey will be at an end soon. Here, drink some of this water, the gentiles do not give us much, but it is enough to survive.”

Gentiles? She was sure she knew that name but the shroud that hung over her mind blocked every recollection. Each memory is seemingly hidden behind a wall. In her head, a war raged as she threw herself at this gigantic blockade. Trying everything to tear it down, to release her memories and more importantly, to release her identity.

Opening her eyes, she was met with near complete darkness aside from a slither of moonlight that shone through a single hole in the carriage. Walking over, she stumbled and apologised as she kicked and stood on people sitting silently crowding every inch of space.

So many people, and yet, so little noise. Are all their minds as blank as mine? She thought.

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