5 Little Things Stable Couples Do for Each Other Every Day

Like any other relationship, they encounter conflict, too. The difference, however, is they know how to deal with it. Instead of hurling names at their partner or devolving into intense screaming…


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New Culturally Relevant Social and Emotional Strategy Pages

Along with downloadable and customizable instructional content that Goalbook Toolkit provides, there are also research-based strategy pages that outline best practices.

The newest set of pages that we have released within Toolkit help teachers incorporate culturally relevant teaching strategies to foster a sense of interdependence in classrooms. These strategies guide teachers on how to ask non-judgmental, open-ended questions that guide students through navigating conflict and help them develop language that builds community.

The research base for these pages incorporates the most relevant writing on restorative practices, “Reality Pedagogy,” and culturally relevant pedagogy in K-12 classrooms, you’ll find the reference research at the bottom of the page. Additionally, on every strategy page in Goalbook Toolkit, you’ll find Implementation Tips that outline practical real-world applications of the strategy. There are also narrative examples of the strategies in practice.

Explore all 6 of these new strategy pages by clicking the links below!

Follow our publication Innovating Instruction to stay up to date on all our product updates and to read about the impact Goalbook is having on our partner districts.

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