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Five Reasons To Log Off Of Social Media

What I have learned from my social media fasts.

I love social media. These many platforms, memes, images, videos, and posts, are incredible tools for sharing information, inspiration, connection, zoning out, humor, planning, organization, and education, among many other things.

I absolutely love to use social media as a crutch. If there is a problem of any sort in my life, social media can often fix it.

Facebook and Instagram are my two most favorite vices, especially when I am going through a rough time. I notice I get to a certain level of overwhelm, and I reach for my phone, and usually go to Instagram first. I open a world of cool pictures, videos and stories, and end up rather instantly soothed. Emotions regulated. Whew. Never mind that the phone actually contributes to the very overwhelm I am trying to escape. But, I will share more on this later.

I use it when I am trying to escape boredom, or fill unscheduled time. It is convenient to hop on over to Instagram and get a quick download of what is going on in my “friend’s” lives. I then may also share about my self and seek “support”, recommendations, and advice from those connected to my account.

Or, I might take it upon myself to offer advice, encouragement, or feedback, even if it is unsolicited. Everyone likes to feel useful, while they are locked into their social media. In the midst of all this, I might even enjoy being creative and sharing some of the photos I have recently taken. Deciding on filters, and how to alter images, to make my world and my self seem more beautiful or interesting, is an occupying past time, which certainly passes lots of time.

But, even though I wish I could justify staying plugged in to these wonderful platforms, all the time, I know it is best for me to take a break.

I want to add a caveat here, that I understand we are all not the same. Some of us might really benefit from social media fasting in the ways I…

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