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Making Custom Lint for Kotlin Code

This blog is my learning on writing Custom Lint for Kotlin code, and provide a working example as reference. The learning came from extracting information from various sources, which I will provide them together.

As per the links above, it provides you some details of how to trigger the available lint and help checks

For some reason, it is not run by default when one compile and launch the App. In order to get it run by default (when in Gradle Command Line and Android Studio), just add the following gradle tasks dependencies in build.gradle

Also to get informed about any warning and error, and halt compilation, just add the following in the android section of build.gradle

In doing above, we could uncover all lint warnings and fixed them. However, if we have some other rules like we don’t want to use non Camel Case naming as shown below (in bold), the lint is not helping.

To solve this, we’ll need to implement custom lint rule.

The below blog is an exceptional reference I use, and manage to get it work.

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