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A Lazarus Shall Rise

A poem for Inauguration Day 2021

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A Lazarus Shall Rise

~for Joseph R. Biden

America, it’s time to roll away the stone,
you’ve been too close to death;
these last four years
have felt far too long.

Your streets have roiled with fragrant clouds,
billowing smoke and white tear gas.
Your streets have heard the chants
of the cults and the riot gear clad.
Your streets have been kissed
by the blood of the broken
and the chattering teeth
of the damned.

But these moments are mere tutors
to the testament
of our strength, our union,

Lord, come and see.

Come and see,
that these pillars still hold.
Come and see,
that these truths still hold.
Come and see,
why the caged bird sings.
Come and see,
the flight that freedom brings.

Did we not tell you
your violence
was a hollow drum?

Lazarus, come forward.
America, come forth.
Remove your grave clothes
and bathe yourself anew.

Let your flesh
feel the warmth
of an earnest oath
spoken by noon.

There’s work to be done,
within these sacred halls
that almost became a tomb.

Take a breath now,
and relish the constant
of the river’s quiet tongue,
of the ocean’s salty spray,
of the mountain
shouldering its sky.

All these things, and none
belong to anyone,
but, America,
at least we lived to see them.

What will you do with this gift,
this new road rising
to meet your feet on the sea?

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