Queen Letizia Style In Elegant Red For Palace Audience

January is usually a slow week on the royal front. We do not get many out of the glass activities and Queen Letizia of Spain’s schedule this week is proof of that. The Spanish Queen today received…


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PLAAK Launches Highly Anticipated ICO Backed by the First Decentralized Freelance Market App

The PLAAK App ecosystem aims to give control back to Tradies and consumers alike by enabling Service Provider to choose their work hours and giving as much information as possible about the Service Provider to the consumer; allowing both parties to make the best choice for their unique requirements. The included wallet will also give true payment freedom, allowing the user to allocate funds within the wallet and pay Service Providers with the Cryptocurrency of their choice.

Perth, Australia — Dec 19th 2017, PLAAK has made global headlines today with the announcement of an Initial Coin Offering that is sure to stir up market sentiment in both the Freelance and Financial industry. The PLAAK App ICO is said to be unlike any other as they are developing a decentralized exchange that will connect communities and employment opportunities, anywhere in the world by using innovative blockchain technology. The PLAAK ecosystem is designed to be a one stop shop using smart contracts on the PLAAK Blockchain to give control back to the people. PLAAK will continue to grow its ecosystem with new apps, development to commence in 2018: an investment fund platform, mobile wallet, exchange platform.

The PLAAK App is not just another freelance platform or ICO; the features and benefits of the PLAAK ecosystem can only be described as revolutionary. While the App will serve Service Providers and Consumers, it doesn’t stop there. The most interesting feature of the PLAAK ecosystem will be the Multi-Cryptocurrency Wallet that will have a debit card attached, allowing users to spend their Cryptocurrency anywhere in the world just as if it were a fiat. This, with the investment fund that will be developed in 2018 truly make this a unique ICO and investment opportunity. The PLAAK App also comes with a plethora of new features including Real-Time searching, job status and a secure payment gateway.

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