When A Computer Goes Bust

The computer was not that old and should have lasted for a few more years. The battery had gone out and was replaced. It was anticipated that the computer had some good life still in it. Time for a…


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5 Ways to Reboot Your Mind

Science | Psychology

The year 2020 was hard and exhausting for everyone around the globe. A lot of people may have experienced feelings of anxiety, depression, impatience, powerlessness, or frustration.

Amidst situations like the COVID-19 outbreak and never-ending lockdowns, it is easy to feel worried or experiencing emotional tension.

You might naturally have experienced uncertainty about the future or changing social plans and schedules due to social isolation.

To enjoy your life in 2021, you have to stop procrastination, need to jump out of a self-destructive mode, and boost your positive energy level.

Here are six efficient ways to reboot your mind and increase your resilience.

Exercise and yoga are the best things to do, both are connected with your health physically and mentally. It improves your cardiovascular system and reduces depression.

In older people, exercise helps in better cognitive functions and boosts resilience against neurological disorders, like dementia.

In young people, it improves fitness, increases concentration, and boosts your Self-esteem.

You can go out, get some fresh air, and listen to your favorite music while running, jogging, r brisk walking. It will change your whole mood with robust energy.

2. Eat properly

A good meal full of nutrition can influence the development and health of the brain. You should eat a wide range of balanced diet foods to receive all nutrients which your body needs. Try to eat balanced food.

3. Learn new things

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