How PandMedic Solutions is Making Travel Safe Again

With the coronavirus pandemic lingering across the United States, many have started to rethink how we as humans will be able to gather in groups and socialize again. After dozens of states have been…


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On The Lethal Results of Representation

On The Lethal Results of Representation:

I have been studying a specific vector in the topic of the Origins of Modern Human Consciousness now for about 18 years, primarily independently. My interest was piqued during a nonordinary experience in 2002, which began with an attempt to write a paper on this topic. That attempt ‘failed’ in the sense that the purpose was obliterated by sudden, unexpected contact with what seemed a complex nonhuman intelligence.

My purpose here is a short introduction to a specific danger involved in representational cognition. Representation results in the production of a token-system that can be easily ‘grasped’ (this is a left-hemisphere motivation) and ‘manipulated’ abstractly (in a disembodied way) or even mechanically/analytically. Nouns are a form of this kind of representation. They collapse complexly non-local and otherwise deeply ambiguous features of knowledge, relation, and identity into a token. The result can be easily and conveniently »transferred to others who speak our language and participate in the representational systems in which we are active members.

( By the way, the ambiguity that exists prior to the process of representation is the inviolable precursor to the possibility of meaningful relation. When that is intentionally ejected? The results are uninhabitable and disembodied. )

Here’s the problem: beings, living places, and relationships that become the target of our representational ‘addiction’ — die or are obliterated by this behavior. This occurs directly (as in wiping them out), indirectly (they die as a result of neglect, for example, a romantic relationship that becomes objectified) and/or relationally (we no longer relate with the beings, situations, obligations, response-abilities that are otherwise natural to us as living beings).

So it is that our governments are actually forms of anti-society. Their structured fictions overwhelm what might otherwise become our active, meaningfully mutual recognition, response and participation. ‘Social Media’ is largely the opposite of social interaction. Porn isn’t sex. Money obliterates value, movies can kill dreaming, and Amazon might actually mean the end of the Amazon rainforest itself. Forever. Photographs of animals begin to compete with the ecologies…

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