On The Lethal Results of Representation

I have been studying a specific vector in the topic of the Origins of Modern Human Consciousness now for about 18 years, primarily independently. My interest was piqued during a nonordinary…


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How Do You Acquire a Fulfilling Job?

Ask The Right Questions.

A lot of people go around saying that a job is all about the paycheck. And while working without a paycheck is not financially feasible and in no way what I am suggesting, we spend around 13 years and two months of our lives working (assuming the corporate linear, 40 hours a week path). With that in mind, I think it is crucial that you understand what you love and how to actively pursue it.

What are you passionate about? (Doesn’t have to be related to your current career path, just in general.)

What actively pushes you keep going each and every day? (Don’t say your kids, your dog, your mom. Think of yourself for this one. You wake up every day and do stuff — but what of that brings you joy/and you look forward to is key.)

What tasks could you spend hours doing and notice the time flying by?

What keeps you up at night? (Besides debt.)

How do you like to work? (Describe your ideal workflow, identify what aspects of it are not up for compromise.)

What are you interested in? (Besides your designated career.)

Who is doing things that inspire you? (Who do you look up to and why does it inspire you?)

What do you want to get out of it? (“It” being the job you are pursuing.)

What tells your creative story? (Mainly targeted to those in design fields, but applicable to all.)

How do you tell your story creatively? (Everyone has a story. We hear stories all the time. The ones that stand out are the ones that are creatively shared.)


So you got the interview and things are looking up. Congratulations! But remember the paycheck is not the focus — its your life. So these are some questions to ask your potential…

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