How to Improve Cognitive Function?

Cognitive function refers to the mental processes that allow individuals to acquire, process, store, retrieve, and use information. These processes include perception, attention, memory, language…


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Scarlet Pheonix

Drowning in a pool of crimson sorrow. *Caution. Sensitive content and trigger warning*

In the bathroom barricaded in,
Crimson dripping from my trembling fingers,
Splattering against the porcelain,
Meandering slowly toward the drain,
Staining the ivory, dying it scarlet.

Body sweaty, cheeks tainted with salty dewdrops,
The mirror’s cruel face revealing the agony I try to drown,
I dare not to stare into the hatred,
Nor to remind myself of my mistakes,
The shattered pieces of the looking glass and my life.

Cracked and broken, battered and bruised,
Scarred and wounded, disguised and hidden,
Isolated and veiled, surrendering to the madness,
Swallowed up by the darkness that envelops me,
Silenced by the serrated blade of truth and reality.

Gaping wounds of hurt, misery and torture,
Release slowly as every solitary demon seep with each drop of remorse,
Suspended in the air as if time is frozen until it lands,
Immense and immeasurable torment unfathomable,
Staples nor stitches can remedy these burdens.

Deliverance from each dilemma cries out from the reflection before me,
Bottled emotions implode inside of my destroyed soul,
Descending down the wall, I plummet to my knees,
Admitting defeat and surrendering to the chaos and anarchy,
Shedding the person that I once was transforming to never again.

Dreams and nightmares collide, morphing and intertwining,
Pleasure and pain, love and hate, ribboned into one,
The slivered weapon meant to redistribute misery falling to the wayside,
Allowing the inner hell within my heart to ignite and burn.

Raging against the inner vehement beast that dwells within,
Obliterating her chains wrapped around my fragile heart,
Emerging from the depths of the pit of my sorrows,
That held me from becoming someone not ashamed to make eye contact.

Only to rise again a stronger force to be reckoned with,
A Phoenix from the ashes a legion,
A legend, demons drowned.
Down the Sink

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