Perth fintech startup Penny Inc a finalist in global app competition

Perth-based fintech startup Penny Inc has been named a finalist in a global app competition coordinated by Intuit QuickBooks. The Intuit QuickBooks $100,000 App Showdown competition aims to unearth…


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Rejection Opens Up Clues

Every no really is a step closer to a massive yes…

Every no you get as a response is not the end of your journey. It is the beginning of a mini-mystery to find an eventual yes from somewhere.

It may be from the source of the initial no.

It may be from a source that shares similar reasoning or emotions but is not exactly the same.

It may be from a source totally independent and diametrically different from the source of the original no.

If you as the question enough, shifting the question and qualifications ever so slightly each time, you can eventually get to a yes.

Persistence. Perseverance. Timing. Dumb luck.

A no is not the end. But the path to a yes may be a hard road to slog.

[365 Writing Assignments #061]

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