I want to run away

I want to leave. I just want to pack my bags and disappear without saying goodbye. I think it would be easier that way, not saying goodbye. No tears and no guilt trips. I don’t belong here anymore…


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The serpent inside me

Keeps forever devouring its tail

This serpent that’s inside my breast
Eternally keeps on devouring its tail
Since birth my body owns as its nest
As it keeps feeding of the air I inhale.

This serpent is my honest nature
A reminder of sacred connection
Between newborn, and a creator
Promising eventual resurrection.

This serpent preserves harmony
Male and female are equal parts
Both a safe place and an armory
Inside, the world ends and starts.

This serpent encourages changes
Enables me to heal and transcend
Throughout all the cosmic stages
Until inside its mouth I’ll descend.

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